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EI3PA Certified

This credit application form is powered by EI3PA Certified eLend Solutions Inc. that protects consumer’s personal confidential information to the highest security standards in the financial services industry. EI3PA stands for Experian Independent 3rd Party Assessment. Developed by Experian (one of the three major credit reporting agencies), EI3PA utilizes the PCI DSS Audit Framework as a standard for data handling and security requirements. EI3PA Certified companies must comply with and attest to compliance as performed by an independent third party Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). EI3PA establishes 12 primary requirements for organizations to assess their security measures in protecting consumer data. The EI3PA requirements verifies and assesses the effectiveness of several security measures, such as:
  • Integrity of firewalls used to protect affected data systems
  • Adequate protection of stored data
  • Verification of encryption controls
  • Access controls and identity management
  • Policies and supporting documentation
  • Processes and system security, such as patch management
  • Physical security
In addition to having an independent third party Qualified Security Assessor verify the security measures identified above, EI3PA mandates processes and systems analyzed in various ways, such as:
  • EI3PA gap analysis
  • Onsite compliance reporting
  • Quarterly systems scans
  • Network vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Web application testing
  • Wireless assessment
  • System and process remediation and verification
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Experian makes no representations, warranties, or guarantees with respect to any systems or information security programs included in any Experian independent 3rd party assessment, and Experian shall not be liable for the security or performance of any such systems or programs, or for any matters related thereto.
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